Imperial Shih-Tzu Puppys


                                                                                              Our  Girls                                                                                    

Imperial female Shih-Tzu.


5 pounds.

Gold and white.




              A.K.C. #  TR29344704

 Daughter  of  Kiki-Maire-Farris   and   Ma's-Samson-Farris 


 Certified  Pedigree

            This is our New addition.

She is a Female  Imperial  Shih-Tzu.

A.K.C. Registered  with  Pedigree.

Born  November 26, 2009.

She  will weigh  5 pounds  as  an  adult.

She  is  a  lovely  Dark  Milk  Chocolate  with  green  eyes.

      A.K.C. #  TR92494602     

Daughter  of  Balogh's-Emperior-Orange-Tang  and  Balogh's-Mrs.-Beazley


Certified  Pedigree



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